Britain Bets on Internet Online Gambling



By legalizing online gaming, it hopes to bring betting companies in from offshore — and bring tax revenues home


It doesn’t have any ritzy Vegas-style casinos — at least not yet. But Britain has gone mad for betting. Newsstands are crammed with glossy gambling magazines and a national daily newspaper devoted entirely to games of chance launched last month. Some cable and satellite channels air nothing but poker and casino games. This year Britain even opened the world’s first casino college, where croupier trainees learn the tricks of the trade. Now, the government hopes to make Britain the global hub of online gambling.


Britain has already laid out the welcome mat for online betting firms which allow customers to wager electronically on everything from horses and soccer matches to the winners of reality TV shows and the Oscars. Such Web sites are operated legally by traditional street-corner bookies like Ladbrokes and William Hill, as well as by Web upstarts such as Sportingbet, UKbetting, and Betfair. They pay 15% of their gross profits in tax. So far, that’s been a pretty good bet for the government: Tax proceeds have topped $2.5 billion for the Treasury since 2004.


Now Britain is set to increase the stakes. Parliament has enacted sweeping new legislation that will open up the online market, starting next year, to traditional casino games such as poker, blackjack, and roulette. Britons already play such games by the millions, but the companies offering them are based in offshore tax havens such as Gibraltar, the Channel Islands, and Costa Rica. The government hopes that by becoming the first country in the developed world to legalize online gambling, it can lure offshore outfits to locate on British soil and pump even more revenues into public coffers.


BETTING LEADER. It’s a huge opportunity. Bookmaking has been legal in Britain for nearly 50 years, and the British are notorious for their love of betting. But the Internet has drawn in millions of new punters who never would have set foot in the betting shops found in every British town. …

Five Quick Ways to Better Your Hold’em Casino en ligne Game



If poker matters to you – if you really want to become a winning player, and not just wish you were – you owe it to yourself to take the steps that matter.


The hours before dawn are bad times for the sleepless. I had played poker too long, so I drove home, turned on the television, and started channel surfing, but all I could find were infomercials and bad prints of old movies – the kind in which the sound is nearly unintelligible and the once-shimmering black-and-white tones have long since faded to mottled gray. The infomercials weren’t much either, but at least they were watchable, and when you can’t sleep, that’s good enough.


Those infomercials all had one thing in common: They promised instant results. Wanna lose 15 unwanted pounds, build abs of steel, get rid of that ugly cellulite? Never mind what the problem might be, each product promised results instantly. If it’s good enough for late-night television, I figure it’s good enough for me. If you want to improve your Hold’em game in a New York minute, here are five ways that will jump-start your game and improve your play.


1 Read the newsgroup: If you don’t have a computer, now is the time to go out and buy one. When you get that box home, connect to the Internet and read the discussions and poker news on the Internet’s (RGP) newsgroup. While you’ll find lots of social chatter and collateral postings, the Internet is the source of some incredibly creative ideas about poker.


These ideas, for the most part, are not circulated outside the newsgroup. It’s not out of secrecy, mind you, it’s just that RGP attracts very bright, creative, and insightful folks who enjoy talking poker. As a result, it’s fertile ground for new ideas and concepts. Ideas are posted, and comments are swiftly fed back to the author. It’s information at warp speed: That’s what the Internet is all about. You can follow the growth and development of ideas as they are molded and shaped by …

How Big Can the World Series of Togel Singapore Poker Become?



By the time the main event was set to open, so many Togel Singapore players ponied up $10,000 for this year’s main event that the first day was run in heats, with half the field playing on Sunday, May 23 and the other half on Monday. They combined the reduced fields on Tuesday. At the tournament’s start, no one was even sure how many players entered the event. Estimates ranged between 2,550 and 2,600, and the actual number turned out to be 2,576 — more than triple last year. If you graphed the growth of the World Series of Poker over the past 34 years, you’d see an acceleration curve that looks like a turbine engine ramping up to speed, growing slowly at first, then swinging from its steady horizontal rise to an almost vertical line resembling the vapor trail of a rocket launched into outer space — up, up, and away. Zoom. Swoosh. All of those comic book adjectives come together to form a perfect descriptive fit.


In 1997, the 300-entrant barrier was crossed for the first time, and it Togel Singapore seemed a lot. Everyone was shocked when more than 800 entered last year, but 2,576 players is off the charts. And it could have been more. The limiting factor was not the number of players, but available space to seat them all. Had they scheduled the first day at the Las Vegas Convention Center, we might have seen the total number of players climb to 3,000 or more.


As the number of players grew, the folks at the Horseshoe did what they could to constrain the field. Usually, there’s a feeding frenzy of satellite tournaments right up to the start of the main event, with each player paying $225 to enter a satellite that awards as many $10,000 buy-ins as it can. They also play one-table satellites, with players paying $1,025 for a chance to win a buy-in for the main event. Once Togel Singapore Harrah’s management saw that there would be no possible way to accommodate …

William Hill Poker Starts With £100,000 Extravaganza with Free Sports Picks

William Hill poker is excited to announce their largest tournament ever, the £100,000 Guaranteed Tournament to be held January 22nd, 2005.

There are three ways to earn a seat into this first of a kind tournament:

Route 1: £20+£2 single-table sit-and-go tournaments running 24/7

Route 2: £10+£1 multi-table tournaments running at 19:00 and 23:00 GMT daily

Route 3: Direct buy-in for £200+£15

This exciting event is to be held at 20:00 GMT on Saturday, January 22nd with all entrants receiving 2500 in starting chips.

William Hill is also offering some enticing promotions to new and existing players. New players can earn £5 per hour up to a total of £25. Existing players can also earn up to £25 per month for playing poker.

In addition, William Hill Poker also has a prop program where players can earn up to £30 per hour for starting new games and playing for up to two hours.

Greg Raymer, the 2004 World Series of Poker champion called a pair of attackers’ bluff at the Bellagio hotel-casino in Las Vegas, NV. The foiled robbery occurred around 2 a.m. on December 20th as Raymer was returning to his hotel room after he finished playing in a cash game, according to Las Vegas police.

As Raymer approached his room that morning, two attackers appeared out of nowhere and attempted to force him into his room. Raymer resisted and began struggling with the men as one of the men pulled out a gun and stated: “We just want the money.”

Raymer did not stop there however, he yelled for security after he was able to knock one of the attackers to the ground with Free Sports Picks. Moments later the attackers realizing this would be no easy feat fled the hallway.

Police later made an arrest in the case, but no identity was released. A security guard at the casino said he recognized the person as a poker player from a previous incident at the casino.

On an unspecified message board Raymer was quoted as saying: “I don’t write this to brag, I just want any robbery-minded …

Casino Extra Poker Cheats: The Mechanics Grip



Many players have learned how to successfully cheat at the game of poker. One such cheating method is mastering the art of stacking the deck. To master this skill one has to be good with sleight of hand. This is done by a special way of holding the deck of cards that allows the deck to be manipulated, or stacked, one of these special ways is called the Mechanic’s Grip.


To help you better understand this cheat, pick up a deck of cards as if you were getting ready to deal. You will probably be holding the deck in the palm of your hand, with your thumb on top of the cards, and your other four fingers on the side of the deck. When dealing cards, you use your thumb to push one card onto the tips of your other four fingers. The thumb is then used to hold this card in place, until your thumb and pointer finger of the opposite hand grabs it and deals the card out. Many poker players deal this way, even though they probably have not noticed it or put much thought into it.


To form the Casino Extra Mechanic’s Grip, move your pointer finger and middle fingers to the short side of the deck, farthest away from yourself. With this grip, more of the deck is covered by your hand, making it harder for the other players to see what you are doing. This grip is the basis for many cheats, such as peeking (the dealer will either push one corner, or side of the top card, away from the rest of the deck so that he can see the top card), bottom dealing (dealing the from the bottom of the deck instead of the top), and second dealing (dealing the second card in the deck instead of the top card, usually when the dealer wants the top card for his own hand). By using the peek, the dealer will be able to keep track of what cards each player gets, he can also setup his own hand by …

The Big Blind Casino Cbet Gets a Turn in Position



Yesterday we covered the positions and how the dealer button moves which in turn moves the Small Blind and The Big Blind.


The Blinds dictate how much a person must bet at the outset of a hand.  As long as  a person is ‘Sitting at the Table’ they must put money in for the blinds when it is their turn.  This is called Posting the Blind.


Posting the Big and Small Blinds occurs before any cards are dealt to any players.  This is probably an inference of the source of the terminology ‘Blind’ as the players must post a bet blind to what their cards may be.


All of the other players at the table can wait until they see their first two cards.  Once they receive their first two cards the other players will have the option to Fold their hand and quit the hand or post a bet.  The bet must be at a minimum the same amount as the Big Blind.  The players can also raise the bet.


Depending on the version of Texas Hold ‘em that is being played the amount of the raise can vary from double the Big Blind up to all the chips that a player has.  I will cover the raising scenarios more thoroughly tomorrow.


In the simplest of scenarios all the players will match the Big Blinds bet or they will fold (or they will raise which I will talk about, tomorrow.)


After every player has had a chance to fold or post a bet including the player that has the dealer button, the player in the Small Blind position, who has now had a chance to view their cards, can post a bet to stay in the hand.


Why does the Small Blind have to post an additional Amount?

The Small Blind initially only has to post an amount that is half the amount posted by the big blind.  So if the Big Blind has to bet $10, the Small Blind initially has to blindly post up $5 before any cards …

Texas Hold’em Cheri Casino Poker Hand Odds – A Primer



Understanding hand odds should be a crucial part of your strategy for playing Texas Hold’em, or any of its variations. It’s not exactly easy to think on the fly, especially when it comes to dividing strange fractions in your head during a tournament. So you should get a handle on how to calculate when you’re not playing.


Called me biased – I’m a math geek – but it’s not too difficult to calculate approximate odds and other important figures if you have a basic understanding of how to do it. Some of this stuff will be obvious, but for the sake of argument, I’ll assume you don’t know how to calculate any card odds. I’ve talked about odds before, but I wanted to try to bring some basics together in a single post. (Warning: this is a long post.)


Firstly, in a regular deck of Cheri Casino cards, there are 4 suits and 13 cards in each suit. Each suit has 3 face cards (royalty), but there are 5 cards which have a value of 10 in poker: A through 10. Keep in mind that this is different from Blackjack, where A is either 1 or 11.


Holding any two hole cards (hidden from other players) that are both worth 10 points each is called holding 20 points. Any time you are holding 20 in the hole in Texas Hold’em, you are holding a relatively strong hand that you should consider playing. Personally, I play tight and conservative, so I won’t play just any 20 hand.


Since each player in a game is dealt two cards at a time, you can calculate the approximate odds of receiving a particular duo of cards fairly easily. For example, say that you are the first player to be dealt your two cards and you want to determine the odds that you will be dealt a 20 hand. How do we figure that out?


Simple. First, how many 10-pt Cheri Casino cards are there in a deck? There are 5 in each suit, and 4 suits, for …

Chances to gamble prevalent in region – Judi Online24jam Deposit Uang


Despite the slump, Jeannot said, “I would say Western Pennsylvania is gambling-friendly. I think people here enjoy horse racing. The Judi Online24jam Deposit Uang lottery seems to be a big event. Our customers go in herds over to West Virginia to enjoy the slot machines. It’s all part of the lifestyle.”

Some frequent track patrons are hard-core handicappers like John Romantino, 40, of Charleroi, who bets 40 to 50 races per visit on both the live Meadows action and televised simulcasts from around the country. His 3-year-old son Dakota accompanied him recently, scampering outside with other children near the track railing.

Hanging out at the finish line, a few yards from the horses and drivers, a father, mother and daughter from Bethel Park enjoyed their once-a-year visit to the harness track.

Rick and Jeen Harper of Bethel Park hooted about their winnings on a $2 ticket they held on TSM Scarface, a long shot that won the fifth race. Their Judi Online24jam Deposit Uang prize: $23.40, or less than a tenth of what Romantino would risk during the evening.

“We each put $20 in our pocket when we come, and when it’s done, it’s done,” said Jeen Harper. “It’s cheaper than seeing a show in the Cultural District, but we do that as well.”

The Harpers play cards with relatives for mini-wagering fun — $5 buys all the chips needed to enter. Unlike most gamblers interviewed, Judi Online24jam Deposit Uang however, they weren’t eager to see slots legalized in Pennsylvania, and wouldn’t play them if they come.

“I don’t like the thought of the state needing it for the revenue,” said Jeen Harper, just before the couple’s favored horse in the sixth race broke stride, turning a pair of $2 tickets to trash. But their 14-year-old daughter Cara had them bet another horse to “show,” a conservative investment, and their wager on her behalf won the family back $3.60.

Gambling opponents have been successful multiple times in derailing expansion of legal wagering, but the efforts keep coming back. The Pittsburgh-based No Dice group, an informal organization with a mailing list …

The Ghost Rider Marvel comics themedtogel hongkong slot is a new online slot by Playtech



It has been quite a long time since the famous software provider Playtech has added new games to its branded Marvel Movies series. But now the new Ghost Rider game will fill the gap. Casino Plex and other leading online togel hongkong casinos powered by Playtech have added the Ghost Rider to their list of games.


The players are probably familiar with the story of the Ghost Rider, but those who are not will learn it from the introduction clip. The main character of the story is a motorcyclist Johnny Blaze who chose to sell his soul to an arch demon togel hongkong in exchange for saving his mentor who was dying from cancer. So he becomes a horrible rider with a flaming skull for a head.


Johnny Blaze is one of the symbols on the reels. This symbol will give the players a ten thousand coins jackpot line payout. Mephisto is one other symbol in the game. The Bible (as Blaze converts to Christianity afterwards) and the contract with Mephisto are other symbols on the reels. The animations are exciting and superb.


Players will meet 3 special symbols in the game. The wild symbol which can appear on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reels is the flaming skull. In case there will be 2 or more Ghost Rider logos appear on the reels, the lucky player will be awarded with scatter payouts. If there will be 3 or more of them, a player will get the free spins bonus. He will get 10 free spins at tripled payouts. The flaming skull will become an expanding wild and the entire reel will be covered with the full length image of Ghost Rider. It is possible to re-trigger the free spins.


The bonus symbol is the flaming motorbike. The Ghost Hunt bonus will be triggered if all 5 reels get activated with the bonus symbol. It is not possible to trigger the Ghost Hunt bonus during the free togel hongkong spins.


The Ghost Rider game is linked to the Marvel progressive jackpot network. The …

How To Reach The Best Platform For Betting And Get Promo Codes From Them?




No doubt betting is the game of luck and can be the best time pass for a person who has plenty of time free. But can you also do this activity when you have small gaps in your regular day-to-day life? Well, the answer to your question is YES, you can definitely make use of different online platforms that are famous for providing this facility to you, and it is for sure that you will earn a lot of money from it.


All you have to do to reach this platform is to go through your smartphone and follow the simple procedure that is mentioned below:-

  • Take your smartphone in your hand:– It is the starting point of your process to enjoy your free time, and you have to look for the right platform that can get you there. Now it will start when you take your smartphone and search in the browser for it. Make search for reliable platforms like my bookie, or you can also search for Mybookie promo code.
  • Go through the results:- Results will be great because the browsers are getting really, very fast; they will provide you with a long list of platforms, and you will have to select the best one wisely. IT is because there are millions of platforms that are made with bad intentions, and one will lose all the money if they sign-in to that platform.
  • Create your account:– Once you are on the right platform, you will get plenty of options of games on which you can place your bet, but you should only select the one in which you have a keen interest and should select that which is better for you. Wait a minute because the betting process will not work properly as you have not created your account, so create your account first.
  • Start betting:- Well, now you are all set for betting on your favorite sport, and all you have to do is to load your money and start predicting on the game. Make a budget and move slowly

9 Vital Components For Online Casino


Researches show that over one-third of on-line Casino gamers are women. The remainder is running unlawfully, and also, you need not trust them with your cash or individual info. These individuals make it their profession to go to the array of on the internet gambling enterprises to obtain hands on understanding regarding just how these on-line gambling enterprises job, what type of advantages they offer their technique of repayment (checks, PayPal accounts, bank card, etc.)that are the producers of their wagering software application, where on the planet they are authorized to function, & various important details, to assist maintain you the possible on-line gambling establishment bettor, make a risk-free & ideal choice when selecting among these on-line gambling establishments to supply your tough-gained cash comparable to my very own web site which might be located in my trademark listed below. In April of 2013, Ultimate Casino opened up for organizations and started dealing with casinos’ hands to Nevada individuals.

When you’re pleased with your choice of hands and also wager, push the BARGAIN switch to play! For on the internet lottery game, you can play video games on the internet from Pennsylvania and Michigan. In Pennsylvania, this is the Pennsylvania Pc Gaming Control Panel. Scroll to the base of an online casino website, and try to find the logo design of your state’s video gaming regulative body. In New Jacket, this is the Department of Pc Gaming Enforcement. For on-line Casinos, you can legitimately play online in New Jacket, Nevada, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. New Jacket, Nevada, West Virginia, Iowa, Indiana, Colorado, New Hampshire, Michigan, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee highlight the checklist. For on the internet gambling enterprise, you can wager online in New Jacket, West Virginia, Michigan, Delaware, and also Pennsylvania. Can video clip Casino be used on mobile phones? There are numerous degrees in Casino video games. Therefore it is recommended to service your abilities. There are video games that require to be played just via betting. Click here for more

There are additionally unlawful betting websites that enable you to wager online from the USA. …

Ideal Online Gambling Establishment Contrast Websites


Hundreds of internet ports with interactive gameplay aspects, hundreds of table video game variants like blackjack, baccarat, online poker, craps, and also pai gow, and also, even more, are readily available at the websites we advertise, providing for a wide variety of gambling preferences with a top notch software application which is enjoyable to wager on as well as play. From the favored ports to on-line texas hold ‘hold them, all these are currently lugged by leading gambling establishments. You will certainly discover ports with 3 or 5 reels, and also, the results are figured out by a Random Number Generator (RNG). To win genuine cash, merely match at the very least three similar icons on the reels. To come to be qualified to win a Caribbean stud pot, put a bank on the gold celebrity dynamic wager place in the top-right edge of the table.

In addition to the common ports, the on-line gambling establishment Philippines driver needs to likewise supply table, prize, and other instantaneous win video games. Likewise recognized as immediate win video games, ports are readily available in various styles and reel setups. Ports – They are taken into consideration as the favored gambling establishment online video game today and also for the appropriate factors. To keep gamers, the leading gambling establishment enjoyment drivers likewise use VIP Programs. These programs are readily available at various rate degrees, and also the kind of bonus offers and rewards will certainly differ depending on your rate standing. A few one of the most prominent benefits are committed client assistance, much faster withdrawals, complimentary rotates, and also totally free gambling establishment chips. Table Gamings – These are the card-based agen sbobet video games that rate amongst lovers and gambling establishment gamers with abilities.

At the ideal online gambling establishments, you will certainly locate various kinds of on-line gambling establishment slot online video games (like port devices) that can function for all sorts of lovers and players. These are unique promos that award internet gambling gamers for committing to playing on the gambling establishment internet site. Right here, gamers can …