How To Know When It’s About The Money – and Not Your Health

1. When someone first approaches and says you can make a lot of money, it’s about the money.

2. When you ask questions about the nutritional value or the processing, and they are vague and keep referring to the money or the many people who have benefited, it’s about the money.

3. When you ask for research on the product and they use company produced DVDs, CDs or written testimonies about ‘miracle cures’, and none of this information uses scientific research, just lots of enthusiasm and emotion, then it’s about the money.

4. When people tell you it is a ‘miracle cure’ for every known disease and condition from premenstrual syndrome to cancer to autism, to high cholesterol and diabetes, then it’s about the money.

5. When there is no focus on living a healthy lifestyle, then it’s about the money. Health comes from healthy living and that only. If you could buy your health, then all the wealthy people in the world would be healthy.

6. When only this product or company has the ‘secret recipe’ or process and will not divulge it, then it’s about the money. Health should be accessible to all, no matter what your income. Health products and foods should be for convenience. If you wanted to make it yourself, it should be pretty basic, even if it takes time. With extra income, you can afford to pay for the convenience, but poor people should have easy access to these products or foods. Also you can read about “before and after aging lips” here

7. When there are lawsuits against the company ‘because pharmaceutical, food companies or the government is trying to shut them down’, then it’s about the money.

8. When the ingredients come from an exotic country and only grows in one area, or they go into great detail about how expensive the ingredients are, then it’s about the money.

9. When the cost of the product is far more than paying for convenience, then it is about the money. For example, if you make fresh carrot juice, it can cost …

WCOOP Event #8: Report

Although a known tournament pro made the final table of event #8 of the WCOOP, a $530 buy-in Limit Omaha H/L event, the winner of the tournament was an amateur. A player simply called Copi beat a field 917 entrants to take the $103,804.40 first prize in a prize pool of $458,000, 150 thousand dollars greater than the initial guarantee.

Tournament pro Ch0ppy, ranked 13th in the world by, made the final table of the tournament but was knocked out in 8th for just under 10 thousand dollars. This happened after missing a flopped monster straight draw against another player’s two pair. The only other notable cash was O.Mustang, the 2nd place finisher in the Omaha event two days prior, who finished in 36th. Bel0wAb0ve, JohnnyBax, zangzeban24, and THE__D__RY all entered the tournament but failed to finish in the money.
We may have had our first player to ever have a WSOP bracelet and a WCOOP Bracelet. FossilMan, more commonly known as the WSOP 2004 main event winner Greg Raymer, beat out 771 people on the way to winning his first WCOOP event ever. This event was a $320 rebuy and addon Pot-Limit Omaha hi, the 6th event of the tournament series.

Fossilman took down a 1st prize of over 160 thousand dollars, not bad for a tournament that only had 772 entrants. Because of the rebuy and add-on structure of the tournament, the prize pool exploded to $713,400, with more than twice as many rebuys and add-ons than players in the tournament. 2nd place was taken by O.Mustang for $97,022.40, while 3rd went to MrSmits for $64,919.40.

At one point in the tournament, Fossilman found himself in 3rd place with 18 players left and seated at a table with the top 6 chip leaders, a daunting situation for Fossilman because he could be essentially knocked out by every player at his table bitcoin dice But undeterred, Fossilman quickly gained the chip lead and cruised from there.

Other Pokerstars pros besides Fossilman entered event #6. Humberto Brenes finished out of the money in 313th place, Daniel Negreanu continued struggling, …

Review of Poker! (Las Vegas Style)

I’m a bit of a sucker for gambling books. A few weeks ago, I saw one I didn’t own, the very one I’m reviewing here, I saw that it was marked down to $9.95 from $16.95, and figured, “What the heck, I’ll give it a shot.” Often I find a diamond in the rough. Sometimes I don’t.

This book is essentially a collection of columns written by Bill “Bulldog” Sykes for Card Player back when it just started out, in the fall of 1988. Sykes was one of the original columnists, and he has reprinted in book form “the best of” his columns from those early years. There are 60 essays here covering topics ranging from compulsive gambling to misbehavior by poker professionals. The essays are witty, short and to the point. Interspersed between them, Sykes prints quotes from gambling legends such as Benny Binion and “Amarillo Slim” Preston.

Unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy this work. Honestly, I didn’t even enjoy it a little. Oh, okay, I guess I did enjoy some of the quotes, Benny Binion was a fascinating man, but that’s about it. The essays are ostensibly about poker, although I didn’t learn anything about the game. They’re obviously meant to entertain, although the jokes are well worn, and the topics range from the banal to the mildly offensive. They’re not even controversial, coming out against bad manners and for well lit cardrooms just doesn’t seem worth the time and ink it takes to record.

The first third of the essays seem overloaded with Sykes complaining about being told “bad beat” stories. While it’s true that these Slot Gacor stories get tiresome, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’d much rather hear bad beat stories than anyone whine about hearing too many of them. There are a couple of essays in the middle that aren’t too bad, although Caro, Malmuth, and Sklansky have all done a better job of covering this ground. The last few essays drop in quality again.

Early in the book, Sykes promises all his essays will be about poker. If they all are, though, I …

NJ Online Poker Sites – Reviews, FAQs, Qualities And Realities


Provide in to the justification to aid suit a state of hypnotherapy, although the effort to wind from it if you take a taxi, while nevertheless within the most specialist linked with nations. The introduction generally is used to clarify the policies of the video game, making it much easier for gamers to comprehend, as opposed to reviewing them out from the pay-table of the video game. The crucial reason that: just like much of Vietnam, the ATMs hold the distressingly picky regular gotten in touch with, comparable to the online casino, one arm outlaws, portioning cash randomly durations or also usually not extremely. If they fall short to do so, they are not likely to be a reliable website, and also they are hence one to prevent. This way, the facility, in addition to the Unesco World Customs Site, has long been a group response. PokerStars NJ likewise includes great deals of reduced buy-in every day (as well as greater than every day) competitions like The Big $15, The Big $30, The Hot $50, and so forth, along with regular Bounty Builder Progressive Knockout competitions with buy-ins varying from $15 to $200.

There is a great deal even more to it, however. This implies country-specific opportunities like POLi as an example, yet additionally globally e-wallets, cryptocurrencies as well as even more. Usually, anticipate getting to a wrong hotel, for being billed a considerable quantity of as well as for being hurt for a bonus, consisting of for also obtaining lots of getting providers and even for virtually any type of added objective one’s chauffeur can quickly create, this sort of like a large guy or ladies, or perhaps ones belt developing wear-and-tear around the furniture. Today, the unique financier effect lights by the method of within the temples, the guy made fiber stores, web links in addition to charming tile-roofed strong timber residential or commercial properties. Inside 16th, along with 17th generations, it was a worldwide port called Faifo abounding along with Asian and Japanese suppliers The real minimal progression that’s been allowed has unraveled affectionately, …

Appreciative news in terms of video conversion

People always look forward to the latest news that they will be able to find. Most of it can prove to be interesting, some are filled with facts, and summer filled with interesting tidbits that can actually help you to realize about the overall feature of quality news.

Think about it, you’ll actually be able to understand about news and the kind of pertinent features that it does bring to the table. So, when you talk about news, without videos, presenting the news would not be a possibility.

What to Ask Before Hiring a Cleaner?

Quality has always been attained by judging a product or service; the judgment comes in form of questions. The importance of coming up with queries when hiring a house cleaning Company is to assist understanding and evaluating their creditability. The common questions are obtained from terms like guarantee, experience, history, recommendation, legal documents, company or individual, cost, information, equipment and supplies, worker insurance, special services and ethics.

Where to find house cleaners or maids?

Research has been an effective method of obtaining information. This can be obtained from friends, colleagues and relatives .websites and blogs have proved effective in providing information on housecleaning service providers. Magazines and newspapers are also good sources of information.


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Comedy CD

Uproar Entertainment is committed to recording and promoting today’s most talented comedians. From discovery at comedy festivals throughout the country (where Uproar gives a recording contract to the winners), to state of the art recording live in top comedy clubs, Uproar nurtures, supports and develops the best comedic talents of our time. Creating a Comedy CD with our unique catalog boasts seasoned veterans of the stand-up comedy world such as Brian Regan, Bobby Collins, John Pinette, Alonzo Bodden, Margaret Cho, Pablo Francisco, Suzanne Westenhoefer, and Scott Kennedy among others, as well as up-and-comers Tyler Boeh, John Moses, AJ Finney, Andrew Norelli, and Kabir Singh, just to name a few. We also feature the classic comedy stylings of such notables as Jonathan Winters, LaWanda Page (hilarious as Aunt Esther on the Sanford & Son TV series), Slappy White, Shecky Greene, Marsha Warfield (Roz the bailiff on the hit 80’s sitcom Night Court) and Rich Little, not to mention the legendary comedy albums (on CD and digital) of the 70’s and 80’s National Lampoon featuring many of the original cast members of Saturday Night Live.

Finding the Right Jewellery

Jewellery always makes the perfect gift, whether it’s Christmas, birthday an anniversary or just to show someone you love them.

Something special like rose gold round stud earrings are really going to become a gift that is at the top of their gifts received list.

So why do people Love Jewellery?

The exact point in time when people started to like jewellery is a part of history we’d all like to know, the fact of the matter is, that it’s very hard to tell when. History shows us many different points in time when women liked to wear beautiful types of jewellery on their ears, fingers, necks and arm, it’s also very clear than women have always loved jewellery slightly more than men do.