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Bitcoin Cash (BCH), although merchant adoption continues to rise, BCH acceptance in certain regions like Australia, Japan, New Hampshire and New Zealand is on the rise. The Republic of Slovenia has been able to receive massive retail approval because Eligma, the payment processor that processes Bitcoin Cash (BCH), has relentlessly promoted crypto awareness in the country. Eligma announced Thursday that the Gocrypto service serves 500 mostly physical merchant locations. Check out more about Charity Coin


Ljubljana Startup Eligma Reaches 500 Crypto Supporting Retailers Worldwide as Digital Currency Acceptance Rises in Slovenia


Slovenia in southern Europe is currently the country with the greatest bitcoin cash acceptance. Slovenia is home to approximately 2 million people. The country’s digital currency acceptance is flourishing. Bitcoin City is a 475,000 square-meter financial center and shopping complex in Ljubljana. It was opened last year to cryptocurrency lovers. Eligma, which allows seamless and secure payments using its products Elly & Gocrypto, was instrumental in the adoption of crypto by the shopping complex.


Slovenia is the country with the highest number of BCH-Accepting Physical locations


Marco Coino says that Slovenia has 432 BCH-supporting retail outlets.


Soon after, Eligma boosted digital currency adoption throughout Slovenia. It also started to get many merchants onboarded into Croatia. Eligma secured funding from investors such the Pangea Blockchain Fund ( of EUR4M in September. Eligma announced its payment infrastructure Gocrypto just weeks later. The startup also revealed that 500 locations now use the Gocrypto framework. Slovenia hosts the majority of the 500 Gocrypto merchants.


Eligma explained Thursday that “our Gocrypto infrastructure reached a wonderful milestone after officially entering the market in September,” Eligma said. “In this, Slovenia has become the country accepting crypto the most physically.”


Marco Coino, a geolocation app that helps locate bitcoin cash-accepting merchants in Slovenia, has 432 BCH support retailers. Didi Taihuttu, a Dutch native who sold everything to buy cryptocurrencies, said that Ljubljana was the top choice for crypto users. Taihuttu stated that his family was capable of paying for 80% their daily needs using digital currency. It’s …