GameHouse Enters Into Agreements With Some of the Industry’s Leading Ligaz11 Entertainment Destination Sites


SEATTLE, WA – January 16, 2001– Strengthening their position in the ever growing and changing online gaming and entertainment industry, GameHouse has formed new alliances with some of the industry’s leading companies. New collaborations with iWon, NoPay2Play,, CoolTeenChat and PhatGames are proving that GameHouse is quickly becoming the premiere game content provider on the Web.


“Games are an excellent tool to increase the frequency and duration of visitors.”, states GameHouse’s Business Development Representative, Garron Selliken. The partnerships with iWon, NoPay2Play,, CoolTeenChat and PhatGames will prove the continued value of both GameHouse games and the BoomServer technology. The recently launched Ad Share program adds another means of acquiring the addictive game content that the talented folks at GameHouse continue to develop.


  •    iWon, (, the leading destination Internet portal combining world-class search, content and functionality with the Internet’s largest guaranteed cash giveaway has entered into an Ad Share agreement with GameHouse, augmenting their games section with 32 GameHouse games.
  •    Nopay2play, Inc., ( is an interactive gaming portal developing their own proprietary technology to launch with an exclusive standalone lottery product which offers the opportunity to win $1 Million, 24 hours a day. They have entered into an Ad Share agreement with GameHouse, featuring 12 GameHouse casino and Ligaz11games.


  •, ( Drawing about 6 million unique visitors each month, is a gateway to more than 200,000 websites ranked by popularity. The unique ranking system, free e-mail, chat rooms, image searches and 20 content categories attracts a diverse audience including homemakers, college students and professionals. They have entered into an Ad Share agreement with GameHouse, enhancing their entertainment section with 8 single player games.


  •    CoolTeenChat, ( the #1 teen chat room featuring important news for cool teen chat users, has entered into an Ad Share agreement with GameHouse, adding 6 top notch games to their single player games section.


  •    PhatGames, (, owned by The Phatstart Network, the network for teens by teens and the source for free Internet gaming, has entered into an Ad Share agreement with GameHouse, adding 6 top-notch games to their single player games section.


The site presents a portfolio of work created by the team of award-winning designers and programmers at GameHouse, Inc., who are committed to bringing entertaining, interactive games and applications to the web.…Go play!




Just 3 weeks after a new manual, aimed specifically at professional horserace gamblers, was published by GFS International Corp., Las Vegas, NV, it sold out its first edition. It is being reprinted immediately.


The Manual, titled “Vegas Pro’s 3 Best-Ever Horseracing Angles”, was researched and written by the Las Vegas professional racehorse gambler who has authored 2 previous Manuals in GFS’s best-selling series “Making Money Enjoyably”.


Unlike previous books that were aimed at a general sports audience, this Manual is geared strictly to the professional player who earns most or all of his income from legal horserace gambling.


“This book is a departure for us,” said Wendell Holmes, marketing vice-president. “Most of our Manuals are targeted at somewhat general audiences. But the author in this case convinced us that while the target group was relatively small it was an enthusiastic user of good, usable materials. So we followed his advice. Are we glad we did! In just 3 weeks the first edition has completely sold out and we’re going back to press to print the 2nd edition.”


“Vegas Pro’s Best-Ever Angles”, edition 2001B, will be available effective January 19 from the GFS secure online order site at All major credit cards are accepted. Sales page info is available in 6 languages Toll-free phone orders can go to 1-800-903-4152 (Program #139132). Purchasers receive instant delivery of the Manual via e-mail.


Full details on the Manual are available at


Price of the Manual, effective Jan. 31/01, is $55. Until then a special introductory price of $39 is offered. “We’ll use data gained in this introductory period to hone our marketing approach. Hence the special price,” said Holmes.


The Las Vegas Pro, who prefers anonymity for betting reasons, has been a professional horseplayer for 29 years. During that time he has consistently turned every $20 bet into an average $24 return, something only 4% of horseplayers manage to do. “And to make sure I bet the correct amounts, something many even pro horseplayers do not do, I use a personal variation of the proven Kelly Criterion scientific probability formula. It’s fairly easy to use, and priceless in its ability to show exactly how much a bettor should wager on each individual selection.”


The 3 Angles covered in the new Manual were culled from over 3,000 angles investigated and bet on by the Vegas Pro over his 29 year professional career. “They are the absolute best,” he said. “Each of them has a Return on Investment over 2.0, which simply means money bet is doubled.”


According to official thoroughbred industry statistics, 96% of horserace bettors lose money over the long haul. Some bettors win for short streaks but lose consistently over time.